Our partner hospitals in Laos

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Kham District Hospital: 19.633837, 103.550686
Xieng Khouang Province Hospital: 19.447048, 103.203506
Mother and Newborn Hospital, Vientiane: 18.035729, 102.602048
Nong Het District Hospital: 19.503080, 103.983388
Bounthine Yeominrak Hospital: 20.030562, 103.718877
Houaphan Province Hospital: 20.406903, 104.049894
Sayabouly Province Hospital: 19.241001, 101.713314
Savannakhet Province Hospital: 16.551160, 104.746420
Champasak Province Hospital: 15.117888, 105.799520
Luang Namtha Province Hospital: 20.998144, 101.412199
Mok District Hospital: 19.070798, 103.955641

Mother and Newborn Hospital


Das neue Mother and Newborn Hospital in Vientiane, Laos The history of the Swiss Laos Hospital Project is closely linked to the Mother and Child Hospital (now: Mother and Newborn Hospital) in Vientiane Capital (Lao: ວຽງຈັນ). Since his first visits to Laos, our founder, Dr. Urs Lauper MD, was in permanent contact with its medical director, Prof. Bouavanh Sensathit MD. Our teams have been regular guests in this hospital for more than a decade now. This allowed us to develop a profound understanding of the challenges in gynaecology, obstetrics and neonatology in a developing country. The co-financing of the new hospital building, which opened in 2015, has been our largest single project to date (see our annual report 2015/2016). In particular, there is a very fruitful collaboration with the head of neonatology, Dr. Vesaphong Phommady MD. The Mother and Newborn Hospital has developed over the years into a teaching hospital with national recognition.

Xieng Khouang Province Hospital


The new Xieng Khouang provincial hospital The hospital in Phonsavan (Lao: ໂພນສະຫວັນ), capital of the Xieng Khouang province, is a long-standing partner of the Cantonal Hospital Winterthur KSW. This well-established partnership is managed by the association Verein Spitalpartnerschaft Phonsavan (Laos) & Kantonsspital Winterthur, which is closely linked to the Swiss Laos Hospital Project. As a provincial hospital, the Xieng Khouang Provicial Hospital is one of the larger and better equipped hospitals. For example, it has an x-ray machine and even a small intensive care unit, which is by no means standard in Laos.

The new building of the Xiengkhouang Provincial Hospital was donated by the Vietnamese government and was officially handed over on May 16, 2023. Our organisation supports the improvement of building deficits and the training of staff, so that the capacities of this modern hospital can be used more efficiently.

Kham District Hospital

Muang Kham

Die Maternité im Distriktspital von Muang Kham The district hospital in Muang Kham (Lao: ເມືອງຄຳ) is one of our oldest and most important partners – especially for our group of general practitioners, which is present several times a year since 2008. The main focus of our work is the further training of doctors and nurses as well as the construction and operation of the hospital laboratory. The Swiss Laos Hospital Project has also co-financed various construction projects, such as the maternity ward (picture), the radiology building, and the new pediatric ward. The Kham District Hospital is a good example of the rapid development in this country: On our first visit, there was neither electricity nor Internet here, and patient numbers were modest. Today, the Kham District Hospital under its long-time director Prof. Bounpheng Somphansouk MD is a well-functioning focal point hospital, which is also capable of taking x-ray images.

Nong Het District Hospital

Nong Het

Distriktspital in Nong Het (2014) Nong Het (Lao: ໜອງແຮດ) is located in the mountainous north-east of Laos near the Vietnamese border. Since 2014 this hospital – which is relatively small compared to the one in Muang Kham – has been the second site of operation for our team of general practitioners. The aim is to strengthen the basic care in this remote region so that patients no longer have to travel to Muang Kham, which is a two hours journey by car. In addition to the further training of the medical staff, we are also dedicated to establish a basic hospital laboratory, and in 2020 we supported the construction of a new operating theatre.

Bounthine Yeominrak Hospital

Boun Thin

Bounthine Yeominrak Hospital The small Bounthine Yeominrak Hospital is located on the border of the two provinces Xieng Khouang and Houaphan. The village of Bounthin (Lao: ບຸນຖິ່ນ) has only 3,000 inhabitants, but on the other side of the river lies the district town of Nam Nine with 10,000 inhabitants. The hospital was built on the site of a former health centre with the support of the Korean aid organisation COMSED and opened in 2015. It is attached to the district hospital in Muang Kham, which is a two-and-a-half hour drive south, and is supplied with personnel and material by the latter.

Houaphan Province Hospital

Sam Neua

Spital in Sam Neua, Laos Sam Neua (laotisch: ຊຳເຫນືອ) is the capital of the Houaphan province in the northeast of Laos. The gynaecologist Dr. Gabriele Heer MD and the midwife Claudia Heer work in the local hospital every year.

Sayabouly Province Hospital


Spital in Sayabouly In the very northwest of Laos lies Sayabouly (Lao: ໄຊຍະບູລີ), capital of the province of the same name. There is hardly a Laotian city with so many Latin spellings, and so this city is also known as Sainyabuli, Sayabouri or Xaignabouli. The Sayabouly Province Hospital is located in the south of the city.  

Savannakhet Province Hospital


Spital in Savannakhet Savannakhet (Lao: ສະຫວັນນະເຂດ) is the capital of the province of the same name in the south of the country. With about 120’000 inhabitants it is the second largest city in Laos. Like Vientiane and Pakse, it is situated on the banks of the Mekong river and has its own airport. The hospital with its 200 beds handles about 2,000 births annually. The Swiss Laos Hospital Project has been present here since 2010.

Champasak Province Hospital


Spital in Pakse Pakse (Laotian:ປາກເຊ) is the third largest city in Laos and capital of the southernmost province of Champasak. It is situated at the confluence of the Sedon river and the Mekong river and has its own airport. The centrally located hospital in Pakse offers 200 beds and handles 3’200 births per year. The Swiss Laos Hospital Project has had a regular presence here since 2012.

Luang Namtha Province Hospital

Luang Namtha

Spital in Luang Namtha Luang Namtha (Laotian: ຫລວງນໍ້າທາ) is a small town with a few thousand inhabitants, but it is still the administrative centre of the province of the same name. The place is named after the river Tha (Laotian: Nam Tha) on which it is situated. In the Luang Namtha Province Hospital, the latest neonatology department to date which was co-designed and co-financed by the Swiss Laos Hospital Project was opened in 2014. In 2018 we were able to officially inaugurate the new delivery room.

Mok District Hospital

Muang Mok

Muang Mok Hospital Recently, the Swiss Laos Hospital Project also became involved in the district hospital in Muang Mok (Xieng Khouang province). An extension financed by our donors is currently being built there, in which an emergency ward is to be set up.