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Donations in kind for Lao hospitals

Reuse instead of disposal

Please note: We are happy to send high-quality, fully functional equipment to Laos, but not individual orthopedic splints, medications or bandages.

Unloading of material donations

In addition to financial donations, we are also happy to receive donations in kind: No longer used but still fully functional medical equipment (e.g. ultrasound equipment for pregnant women, birth beds, heat lamps and other equipment for the gynaecology and neonatal departments) can be re-used in Lao hospitals. Every year, the Swiss Laos Hospital Project ships a container with approximately 8 tons of medical equipment to Laos. This way, we have been able to distribute 50 second-hand ultrasound devices throughout the country. We also regularly distribute used operating tables for caesareans, incubators, infusion pumps and monitors from Swiss hospitals and doctors‘ practices to Lao hospitals.

The unloading of the container in Laos is carried out under the supervision of members of the Swiss Laos Hospital Project. This way we ensure that the donations are used sensibly, distributed fairly and not misused for private doctors‘ offices. In addition, we instruct the responsible hospital staff in the use of the equipment and replace German or English labels on devices with Laotian ones. Swiss medical technicians frequently travel to Laos with our teams of volunteers. They maintain and repair the equipment on site, thus ensuring its long-term usefulness.

Our medical technicians ensure maintenance

Suitable donations

In Lao hospitals, basic medical equipment is often lacking. Even blood pressure measuring devices or electronic thermometers are scarce, especially in smaller district hospitals and health centers. Especially ultrasound equipment, incubators, heat lamps, monitoring monitors, infusion pumps and similar devices are welcome. The only precondition is that the devices are fully functional. In addition, we also ship workwear for hospital staff to Laos.

Unsuitable donations

Shipping containers to Laos is not cheap and requires a lot of work by our volunteers. In order to use our funds as efficiently as possible, we only ship material that is urgently needed in our partner hospitals. In addition, the shipping must be cheaper than buying the same equipment in Laos. Unsuitable as donations are defective equipment, expired supplies and medicines, clothes (except for work clothes for hospital staff), household items and toys.

Contact for donations in kind

If you own equipment that might be suitable as a donation to a Lao hospital, please get in touch using our contact form.