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Our donations account

All details for your bank transfer

We appreciate your donation to the following account:

Swiss Laos Hospital Project
8000 Zurich

IBAN CH57 0070 0114 8075 5267 6

Bank Clearing Number 700

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How we use your donation

The Swiss Laos Hospital Project is based on volunteer work. Professionals who work in Laos only receive a contribution towards travel costs. Employees in Switzerland are also volunteers. This way, your donation will almost entirely benefit the projects and the people in Laos.

With your contribution you support for example:

  • Scholarships for further medical training
  • Therapies and medication (if patients cannot afford them themselves)
  • Purchase or repair of medical equipment
  • Special supplies (e.g. for medical laboratory equipment)
  • construction and renovation of hospital buildings

All funds are invested directly by project staff on site to avoid bureaucracy and corruption.

Tax deduction

Donations to the Swiss Laos Hospital Project can be deducted from taxes.